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i am creating a pdf of my favourite gastown/ crosstown haunts to send to clients before they visit my studio. i want to share my love for my neighbourhood with them and hopefully help them discover a new love of their own!

my first feature is the juice truck. for obvious reasons (and i’m not just talking about the cute boys).

the juice truck has an amazing mission statement (taken from their website):

“Our mission is to encourage- through our products and our brand – the health of our community, our people, and our land.

We believe our customers deserve the most nutritionally complete juice. That is why we use a premium cold pressing production technique – similar to how olive oil is made. This cold pressing technique uses no heat and preserves the natural flavours of the produce, delivering more essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes than juice extracted any other way.”

they source local produce, support organic farming, and sell juice out of a gigantic red truck on the corner of abbott and water street. absolute joy :)

today i had “the almost chocolate”. it’s a smoothie. it’s winter. i still drink it. omg. it’s delicious. banana, medjool date, almond butter, raw cacao, raw maca, and soy milk. you had me at banana. to be honest its one of the only beverages i have tried from the truck because its so delicious and i can’t get past it! i’m not a very good foodie i suppose… i have tried “the green” one afternoon after yoga. boasting cucumber, kale, parsley, celery, and lime it did not disappoint. for a limited time, the juice truck and erin ireland collaborated to make the most earth-shatteringly delicious smoothie i have ever tried…. “it’s to die for banana bread smoothie”.

you heard me right. banana bread. through a straw. i know. you had me at banana. next time i might try “the avocado pineapple” (avocado, pineapple, coconut water, lime, vanilla, and agave) or maybe “the strawberry coconut” (strawberry, coconut meat, coconut milk, banana, raw cacao nibs, vanilla, and agave) or maybe “the hybrid” or “the banana beet” or “the blueberry matcha” or maybe i’ll have “the almost chocolate” for the 700th time….

the juice truck in gastown | vancouver portrait studiod


so… if you are in the neighbourhood, or downtown, or in vancouver, or for that matter just take time out of your day, where ever you are, and visit the corner of abbott and water street for a deliciously nutritious treat.


the juice truck in gastown | vancouver portrait studio