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My vision for my business is to be a premier, boutique wedding photographer supporting local artisans and creatives while practicing sustainable business practices and offering my clients stunning and timeless images.

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. In ecology, the word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems. For humans, sustainability is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

Healthy ecosystems and environments provide vital goods and services to humans and other organisms. There are two major ways of reducing negative human impact and enhancing ecosystem services. The first is environmental management; this approach is based largely on information gained from earth science, environmental science, and conservation biology. The second approach is management of human consumption of resources, which is based largely on information gained from economics.

Sustainability interfaces with economics through the social and ecological consequences of economic activity. Sustainability economics involves ecological economics where social, cultural, health-related and monetary/financial aspects are integrated. Moving towards sustainability is also a social challenge that entails international and national law, urban planning and transport, local and individual lifestyles and ethical consumerism. Ways of living more sustainably can take many forms from reorganising living conditions (e.g., ecovillages, eco-municipalities and sustainable cities), reappraising economic sectors (permaculture, green building, sustainable agriculture), or work practices (sustainable architecture), using science to develop new technologies (green technologies, renewable energy), to adjustments in individual lifestyles that conserve natural resources.

– source: wikipedia

i know… that was a lot of big words. but i love it! i’m incredibly passionate about pursuing sustainability. notice how i said, “pursuing…”? i don’t put expectations of perfection on sustainable living because to be honest… we’re a really long way away from it! i feel like the important thing is that we are in pursuit of it. i strive to live a sustainable life both personally and in my business. personally i do things like recycling, re-using, buying local and organic food when possible and trying to buy locally designed and made clothing (that’s a hard one…. h&m is so pretty and in-expensive!!). when i started my business i didn’t want to leave my sustainable practices out so i’ve made the choice to be an eco-conscious company. i try not to print promo materials, instead i create beautiful pdf’s to send to potential clients. i have chosen a local company to create stunning albums for clients. i also have been seeking out other local and sustainable vendors to support through referring and featuring on my blog. which brings me to the reason for this blog post! recently i put together an editorial shoot to feature some lovely local vendors who are also pursuing sustainable business practices. i want to be a resource for brides and grooms who are also looking for “green” vendors! i want to showcase the possibility of hosting a sustainable wedding!

this shoot is just a baby step in my grand plan but i am absolutely thrilled to share with you this afternoon a couple of amazing vendors who helped me put this all together!

the location we chose was saar bank farms in abbotsford. saar bank is an actual working farm that has a gorgeous vintage barn  and stunning property which is ideal for wedding ceremonies and receptions. they don’t have a website but if you want to send me an email i can get you in contact with magdalene from saar bank.

i chose bisou bridal for the dresses because they carry a line of vancouver designed and made dresses. the ladies at bisou are absolutely wonderful!

the flowers that are featured in this shoot are all either locally sourced, organic and/or ethically traded. onyx from amoda flowers put together the arrangements.

the jewelry was all handcrafted by vancouver’s own megan wray of gingerly designs. i adore her work and personally love the idea of having custom, hand crafted jewelry for your wedding.

make-up was provided by Ashley king of wedded bliss. ashley was wonderful to work for and offered a beautiful natural line of make-up called tarte cosmetics.

the models hair was styled by janis of clover salons. this vancouver based hair salon offers natural, earth friendly products for hair.

if you are a bride or a groom interested in pursuing a more sustainable wedding but don’t know where to start or look, send me an email, i’d love to help you out!

if you are a wedding vendor who’s also pursuing sustainability, i’d love to connect with you! i will be doing more shoots like this one and always love connecting with other like-minded vendors!

and without further ado… the images…