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today i am feeling motivated. i went for a run this morning. yup. a glorious 10 minute run… i know. whatevs. i ran. a couple of weeks ago i created a massive work flow system. today i felt like sharing one of the systems with you. i’ll probably share the other bits later. this is the visual aspect.

because i am such a visual person i don’t function well if i don’t see tangibly laid out in front of me what i need to do next… so last year i started using a whiteboard to keep track of projects that i have on the go. this is how i do it. if you aren’t interested, click here for some pretty bridal pictures :)

first i get a white board and a sharpie. i don’t have a huge ruler cause i’m not a teacher so i use a huge piece of card stock paper to keep my lines straight. i draw around 14 horizontal lines and about 14 vertical lines.


the top row becomes the headers. the headers are basically whatever tasks are generally within each project. for the whiteboard i tend to veer away from being too specific. i have created master work flows for each client that stays in the front of each client section in my “client” binder. for the white board i stick to tasks like cull, edit, backup, etc…

the first column is for the client or project name. followed by the date that the session was photographed. this keeps me from letting projects get too old. client sessions will get a due date in the last column which is for miscellaneous notes.


at the bottom of the white board i leave a large blank space for any additional notes or information. i am currently using this space for projects i have worked on that have multiple vendors. this gives me more space to write each vendors name who will receive a disc and notes on if they have received them, etc…


i like to use different colours to distinguish between jobs. i literally just alternate colours so that each line stands out from the next. i use red if there is something i particularly want to jump out at me, like a specific date or if i want to double check that i completed a task, etc…


that’s basically it. when i am done with a job i erase it. sometimes i like to give myself gold stars so i really feel accomplished ;) hope this helps with your work flow management. let me know if it did or if you have any great tips of your own!