Your Investment

You’re documenting your life and your love as it is in this moment. You’re trusting me to create stunning impressions of the relationships that are most intimate and important to you.

My promise to you is simple, but very real and important to me. I promise to respect your family and treat you well. To be attentive to your needs and desires. To deliver amazing images and archival-quality heirloom products that will remind you, again and again, of the special people in your universe and the time you spend together.


Portrait Session Packages

    • Package One: 1 hour Portrait session at a location of your choice, online viewing gallery, slideshow, and 10 digital files for download: $750*
    • Package Two: 1 hour Portrait session at a location of your choice, online viewing gallery, slideshow, a gorgeous linen covered Portrait Album (10x10 with 10 spreads) and the digital files from the album for download: $1600*
    • Package Three: 1 hour Portrait session at a location of your choice, online viewing gallery, slideshow, a completely custom, Story Album (10x10 with 20 spreads) and all of the digital files for download: $2250

* The entire collection of digital files can be added to either Package 1 or 2 for an additional $800.
** Package 2 and 3 are only available before November 2nd.

Client Love

The first things that come to mind from our family portrait session in general are laughter, sunshine, trees, crazy kiddos and a kind and talented photographer. There were so many beautiful and real moments captured during our session, and many of these images now cover the walls of our home.

This specific photo really resonates with me as it captures something I view as such an important part of my journey in motherhood.

It’s a reminder to be present. To share laughter. To be connected.

The joy and playfulness in our expressions warm my heart every time I see the image and even though my husband isn’t directly in the photo, he is reaching out to us, providing comfort and strength – as he always does. This photograph fills my cup even on the less playful and happy days, which all parents have!

I know this image will be treasured throughout my lifetime…and my children’s too.”

– Lorraine Pond, Summer 2014


As a full service boutique photography studio, and as a human in the digital age, I believe deeply in printing your images.

By taking up physical space in our world, the printed photograph has a special substance and power. I have a printed photo of my daughter on my studio wall, and a mere passing glimpse of her beautiful face is enough to brighten my day.

I offer a wide range of products including albums and bamboo mounts that look stunning on a wall. I recommend making an appointment with me to view the products I offer before booking so we can plan for your session.


Okay, I’m ready to book you for a portrait session! I am so excited for you to photograph my family but I have a few more questions…

Where should we do the portrait session?



This is one of my favourite decisions to make with you! Together when we create a plan for your portrait session we will choose a location that has meaning for you; a beach or park that you frequent, your home, or if you want classic portraits, we can use my studio. I’ve done portrait sessions in the woods on a rainy day, on a dock with fishing boats, Gastown coffee shops, and so many other rad places. Let’s come up with a unique, real-to-you location!

To see an example of many of the different locations I’ve created family portraits in check this out.

Do you travel for portrait sessions?


YES! I’ve been as far away as Tanzania, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, and Australia for weddings and portraits. I love going to Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, Gulf Islands, Whistler, Pemberton, and Squamish for portraits. There may be additional travel fees so please inquire for more details.


Do I need to make an appointment or is your studio a walk-in?”


Yes, you MUST make an appointment first! I’m not always sitting at my desk, I’m often on location for shoots, grabbing lunch with a colleague, or picking my daughter up from school.

How far in advance should I book my session?

Busy season is generally spring and fall. During this time weekends book up first months in advance and weekdays book up weeks in advance. The sooner you book the better however please feel free to call, I might have a last minute opening ;)

When is the ideal time for a portrait session?


This is a great question that has many answers!

The ideal time of day in the summer is after dinner, just before and after the sun sets – its magical! However I know that kids don’t often stay up that late so we can make another time of day work too. I’m flexible with that :) What’s most important to me is creating beautiful portraits of your family, when your family is most happy (ie. not grumpy-needing-sleep kids!).

Winter the ideal time is around 3pm, or earlier on an overcast day.

My studio offers great light between 10am and 2pm in the winter, and 5pm in the summer. It is a good option if we get rained out and can’t reschedule your portrait session.

Anytime of the year is good for portraits! Each season has it’s perks and challenges.  Here are a few links to portrait sessions at different times of the year. Spring PortraitsSummer PortraitsAutumn PortraitsWinter Portraits.

For your maternity session, I recommend sometime between the 8 and 9 month mark. Maternity portraits are about showing the beauty and uniqueness of your pregnant body and to celebrate the upcoming birth of your child. The closer we do this to your due date, the better. However we don’t want to leave it too late incase your baby decides to join us on the outside a bit early.

Newborn session are ideal when baby is within the first two weeks of life on the outside or around one month.


Okay, I’m ready to book! Now what?!


I am so excited that you’ve chosen me to photograph your beautiful family! Send me an email and we’ll arrange a consultation either in person at my studio or over the phone. At the consultation we will go over everything, plan your session, select a date, go over product, and book your session. Of course it’s not mandatory for you to book during the consult. Your session fee is the retainer and it will be due to start the process and secure your date. Once you’ve made the payment and signed the contract I will send you more information about how to prepare yourself and your family for your portrait session. I also send out reminders before the big day.


Can you reschedule if the weather is bad?



YES! I’m great with rescheduling. We have three options for a rainy day… reschedule, move it indoors (your place, my studio, or a covered on-location area) or do the session anyway! I’m not afraid of a little Vancouver rain ;) Here’s a recent portrait session I photographed of a very rad, hardcore outdoorsy family who weren’t afraid of a little (or a lot of) rain. It all depends on how you want your photos to look and feel.

The portrait session must be rescheduled before November 30th, 2018.



How should I prepare myself and my family for our portrait session?



I will send you information about this leading up to your portrait session but some of the key points are to make sure your children are fed, clean-ish ;) and that extra clothes or toys are packed as backups. I love when clients bring items that are special to them like a quilt that a grandmother has made. These kind of items help to create images that more unique and familiar to you. I definitely recommend packing snacks without sugar and water. Let your children know what’s going to happen. Fill them in on the plan for the portrait session and even ask for their suggestions. When kids feel like they are involved in the planning process they are often more excited for the event! Before coming to the session, show your kids portraits of them when they were even little-er. Explain to them how in 5, 10, 15 years they will be able to look back on these portraits and see how cute they were!


What should I wear?


This is covered in great detail in my welcome package that you will receive after you have booked your portrait session with me. Basically don’t be too matchy-matchy but coordinate your outfits. Avoid large graphics and logos. Here are a few recent families that really nailed the outfit styling for their portrait sessions. 


I want to get my hair and makeup done, do you know a great artist?


Yes! Having your family portraits done is so important and it’s an investment. I definitely recommend taking the extra little steps to ensure you are completely happy with the end results. Treating your family to new outfits is a great way to make this occasion a bit more special and treating yourself to professionally done hair and make-up will make you feel fabulous! I suggest these two make-up artists, both of whom will come to the studio or your home. Kelsey Dickson and Denise Elliot.


What if my kids wake up sick or totally grumpy?



Yeah, I hear ya and I have stories to tell you about my daughter waking up grumpy ;) I want you to be completely in love with the final images we create at your portrait session so if the stars are not aligning and children are being grumpy cats I am totally flexible about rescheduling. The most important thing is to contact me as soon as possible. I will have sent you my mobile number so you’ll be able to text me if mercury retrograde is just raining on the parade. I love clear communication and I am so open to rearranging plans to make things work, however a no show is a no show and your session fee will not be refunded. So call, text, or send a pigeon and we’ll set a new date!

Portrait Sessions must be rescheduled before November 30th, 2018.



My mother-in-law will be in town and we would love to have her in the photos, can she come along?



Yes, such a great idea! I don’t set a limit to how many people are in the portraits, however I don’t recommend more than 4 people for in-studio. I do require that you tell me ahead of time who is coming so I can properly plan for the portrait session.

Do you supply props… you know like Anne Geddes?!?

Friend… you may have come to the wrong girl ;) In my studio I have a handful of classic wooden toys that I sometimes will use for portraits if kids are less interested in smiling or standing still. I have a couple of chairs and a few different colour backdrops. My style is very clean and classic, and I focus on your relationship and the people in the portrait. I don’t like to use too many props, if any, because I find it can be quite distracting. If there is anything that you want to bring, I don’t mind, however I recommend “less is more” When we have our consultation we discuss all of this in greater detail.

I love the images on your website of all the product you offer, can I view it in person before booking?

Yes! When you inquire with me to book your session I will invite you for a complimentary consultation at my studio where we will get to know each other a bit, plan your session, and go through all of the product that I offer.

This sounds so exciting! Now I want to know about my photos!! When do I get to see the images?


About four to six weeks after your portrait session you will receive an online slideshow of the best images from your session. The next day you will receive the online gallery, and if you package includes it, the first draft of your album. The online gallery is where you can view and choose digital files. Purchased digital files can be downloaded directly from this gallery!


How do I care for the product?


Like everything, portrait product is sensitive to UV rays. Keep your portraits away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light as ultraviolet rays could destroy dyes used in finishing the portraits. Occasionally dusting your portraits will help keep it preserved. Albums should be loved and shared and looked at but I’d recommend avoiding handling it with greasy fingers ;)


Do you offer mini sessions?


Yes! I offer mini portrait sessions in my Gastown studio only, on select weekday dates. These mini studio sessions are 20 minutes and you will receive an online viewing gallery of the images. Digital files and additional product are purchased separately. Each session has a maximum of 6 people, as my studio is a small space and can not accommodate more. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first hear about these portrait marathon dates.


Do you offer Digital Files?


Yes, each package includes some digital files. The entire collection of digital files can be added to either Package 1 or 2 for an additional $800. Package Three already includes the entire collection.


Worst case scenario… I have to cancel, what’s your cancellation policy?


Sometimes things come up that are completely unavoidable. I get it! If you need to postpone, I appreciate 48 hours notice, however like I said before, if you’re kid wakes up cranky, I don’t mind last minute rescheduling. If you need to cancel the retainer will not be refunded. If you reschedule the retainer will carry over onto the new date within 6 months of our original schedule shoot date. If we aren’t able to find a new date within the 6 months your new shoot will be subject to my current pricing or the contract will be cancelled and the retainer will not be refunded.

Do you do weddings?

I no longer book weddings. I would highly recommend you check out Shari + Mike or Jarusha Brown for your wedding portraits!

Do you do corporate work?

No, I love photographing families in love, capturing those little moments and important relationships. I love seeing kids giggle and dads beaming with pride. This is what I am passionate about creating images of and it’s what I’m good at. I’m going to stick with it ;) I recommend inquiring with Jarusha Brown or Union Photographers for corporate photography.

Do you do boudoir?

No, I do not do boudoir however I highly recommend inquiring with  Jennifer Williams or Gloss Boudoir.