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Well that was exciting! Last week I was nominated as one of Vancouver’s Top Mommy Bloggers along with 29 other hard working, creative, dedicated mothers. To be fully honest with you… I really needed that encouragement. I love what I do and I work hard, but man it feels nice to receive a little recognition like that :)

I first started a blog shortly after graduating from the Western Academy of Photography. I had completed the Professional Photography program exclusively with film photography and as a graduation present I purchased my first digital camera. The blogging world was exploding and becoming so much more accessible. I jumped in and using Blogspot as a platform, I blogged super contrasty, edgy-to-me-then, portraits of cherry blossoms and Tyler.

Okay side note… ugh I can’t believe I’m going to do this… I found it. I found the blogspot, first ever blog by Bethany. Want to see it? You can’t judge me for the photos okay?! It was 2006/07 ;) Here it is. It gets better/worse the further back you go… haha.

ANYWAY! I started blogging back then and really haven’t stopped. I created another blogspot for my work… you can see that here. At that point I had had my daughter and was and dedicated my time to being a mom and building my portrait and wedding business. That was 2009. Today I’m sitting at a desk in my Gastown studio. I’m blown away by the people who’ve trusted me to photograph their families. I’m honoured and I’m so excited to create images, to capture moments (I hate that phrase but there’s no other way to word it!), and to stop time with portraits of the here and now. Having a child seems to make life speed up. One moment you’re being woken up at 3am to breastfeed and then next your daughter is biking to school and would prefer that you didn’t give her big kisses as she runs to meet her friends. Portraits are our way of freezing time. Portraits are a testament of who we are and when we are. They are a bold statement of history. They carry our voice and our stories. I can’t tell you what it means to me that I get to do this for families. I get to make a portrait that says, “This is who we are. This who we love. This is how we love.”

vancouver family portraits images by bethany vancouvers top mommy blogger

Before blogs and social media we made photo albums and shared them with our friends (which I really hope you still do and which I highly highly encourage all of my clients to do!!!). In the current world we have the opportunity to share our stories quicker and on a large scale. This is awesome in both senses of the word. It’s awesome in that we can stay in touch with friends half way across the world, we can support and be supported be a larger community of like-minded humans, and among other things the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that we can share and learn from is outstanding. It’s also awesome in that it’s terrifying. Our words have a larger impact. Parents are faced with how much to share of their children’s lives online and later, how much to let their children be online. Online etiquette hasn’t quite been solidified. Bullying is rampant. That list goes on…

Since 2006, blogging has been the platform I’ve used to share my work. To share a bit about my life and my family. I’m really, truly, deeply, madly (flash back to the 90’s and my favourite band Savage Garden!!), grateful for you. Thank you for reading. For coming back. For allowing me the space to share a little bit about who I am and who I love and what I do. Thank you for nominating me as one of Vancouver’s Top Mommy Bloggers.