*UPDATE* These Images Boxes and Folios have been discontinued as of August 1st, 2016. I no longer offer them in my studio.

I am so excited about some of the new product that I am offering. I highly recommend to all of my clients that they order product with their portrait sessions or weddings instead of just the digital negatives for a bunch of reasons. one important reason is that if a client has spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on their portrait session or wedding, i want them to walk away feeling that they have spent that money wisely. i don’t want them to then have to spend time and effort finding a photo lab, ordering the prints, having them come back not quite up to par, getting them re-printed, etc… I definitely don’t want the disc of images to sit on a desk or in a drawer for years… always on the to-do list but never getting done because there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. this happens way too often! i want my clients to walk away from my studio with a beautiful collection of work that is ready to display. every morning when they wake up to the images displayed on their wall i want them to feel overwhelming love for their family. i want my clients to be proud of their wedding albums sitting on their coffee tables. i want my client’s kids to be able to look through their parents wedding albums and feel that familiar connection and closeness, to see where the love began. i had that growing up. i would spend hours looking at my parents wedding album. mostly to laugh at my mom’s poodle perm, but it also brought me this feeling of connection, like i got to be there.

it made me feel loved to see them in love.

another good reason to order tangible product and not just the disc… when was the last time you used a disc? do you buy cd’s still to listen to? do you buy dvd’s to watch? or do you use netflix? itunes? like cassette tapes, vhs, and floppy discs… cd’s and dvd’s are quickly disappearing. imagine if your amazing photos were stuck on a floppy disc… how would you view them today?

these are only a couple of reasons why I love when my clients order product and why i am working really hard to find stunning, top quality items to offer.

this beautiful yet simple black silk box i have custom made for my clients. this one pictured fits up to 400, 4×6 prints. they can be made to fit more or less, and 5×7 prints. these boxes are an elegant way to store large amounts of prints.

boutique vancouver photography studio

i am now offering silk covered image folios. these are also custom made and come in 3 sizes to fit 3 sizes of print, 4×6, 5×7, or 8×12. they can have two or three mats.

boutique vancouver photography studio

boutique vancouver photography studio

i am so excited to offer these and a few more items which i will blog about later. it is really important to me that my clients are happy with the images that i create and have a beautiful way to display them.