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This announcememt has turned out to be much harder to write than I had anticipated and I know this is because it’s a big deal for me. I’ve spent the summer drumming over this decision. I’ve spent the last two years preparing for this, not knowing exactly when or how it would all fall into place. But now I know.

I’ve been accepted to Nursing School and I’ll start in January!

I’ve spent the last 14 years honing my craft and building my photography business. I’ve built relationships that will last longer than this career. I’ve gained experience that I will take with me everywhere. I’ve been so honoured by each person who has stepped in front of my camera, who’s trusted me to capture their image, to create heirloom pieces of art for their families.

I’ve come to the decision that November 30th, 2018 is date that I will close my studio.

I have invested all of myself into my photography business and now it’s time to invest all of myself into my nursing career. I’m pretty excited about this phase of my life, and am so grateful for the past one. I’m flooding with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude that I get to pursue two passions in this lifetime.

I will officially close my studio¬†doors on November 30th, 2018, and will take portrait session bookings up until that date. If you’ve been wanting to have a session with me but have needed to wait for any reason, now is your final chance. Contact the studio ASAP to secure your portrait session.¬†